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Implement operations systems

Free your time for business building

What we can do for you

Our Fractional COO and Operations Mentor will help you ...



Streamline your business with a structured program to improve operating efficiency, lower costs and systematize operations.

Free your time to work on the business.



Focus on the right priorities with a 30,000 foot view on your critical business metrics metrics, including:

  • cashflow
  • revenue
  • customer retention


  1. Grow your team past the 3-6 staff you can directly manage yourself - and let your team do the work - by implementing the three A's of high performing teams:

    1. authority, with structured delegations
    2. autonomy, with defined approval limits
    3. accountability, with managed reporting.

Who you are

You are a marketing or tech founder with a team of around 6-20 staff - some of them remote - and a business turnover between $500k and $15m per year. You probably have - or are considering - an operations manager, and are looking to grow your business. 

You might have hit an earnings or sales plateau, and need some outside skills to help you break through.

How it works


Jump on a 45 minute call where discuss your current business status, including any frustrations, concerns. We will ask a series of questions to learn about your business, and provide some suggestions for immediate implementation. 


Set aside a solid block of 2-4 hours for an in-depth business review, in person or on a video call. Founder-to-founder. We will deep dive into some of your current business issues, and recommend some strategies and tactics to address these.


This is where the real value is. We will either implement or direct agreed strategies resulting from the business review, and provide ongoing mentoring support.

Strategies might include building a business dashboard, finding additional team members, restructuring financial monitoring and reporting, and/or implementing a task or project management system


Jump on a call once every two weeks with our Fractional COO to review operations progress, provide a sounding board for ideas, address issues, monitor progress and make additional recommendations. If you have an operations manager, you may want them on for part of this call.

What others are saying


Andrew’s clarity and precision in speaking about business and in particular operational advice has proved invaluable. His logical no-nonsense approach to processes have saved me thousands of dollars and most importantly time to bring my focus back to building my business. 

Dean Sprague Single Origin Skincare

Who we are


Andrew Venture

Andrew is an entrepreneur, project manager, startup consultant, avid traveller, and occasional kitesurfer.

He specialises in project design and operations: developing feasibility studies, assessing risks, creating financial models, and implementing project management systems.

After 20 years managing major energy and infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand, Andrew has become known for his no-nonsense approach to project planning: taking the ‘shortest route to done’.

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