About taitua



Taitua is a Māori word for "the farther side, other side, beyond". Our mission is to guide you to the other side of your e-commerce challenges.


Andrew Crichton


After 20 years managing major energy and infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand, Andrew settled in South East Asia to become part of the vibrant entrepreneur scene.

Since then he has successfully launched several businesses and become known for his no-nonsense approach to project planning: taking the ‘shortest route to done’.

What began as a learning journey in the e-commerce and the amazon trade - developing his own line of products - led to him being approached for advice and support by other product sellers he met. He realised his passion and experience was best utilised when applied to the challenges of e-commerce clients.

With this in mind, he formed Taitua to guide product sellers of varying experience levels through the operational challenges that coincide with establishing and scaling a business. Drawing from his two decades of project management experience, he brings a pragmatic, professional and structured approach to working around each client's unique constraints (including price and time sensitivity) to identify the root of an issues and develop practical solutions. 

In addition to Taitua, Andrew is the creator of STANDapart - portable laptop stands for remote workers - and will soon be launching Kitesurfari for kifesurfing adventure tours.