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pricing strategies

Develop operational models for sustainable and competitive product pricing.

product identification

Leverage gaps in the marketplace through anaysis of listing quality, competition, and demand.

sourcing strategies

Balance minimum order quantities vs price and coordinate multiple manufacturers.


supplier chain management

Negotiate manufacturing & supplier contracts, and implement payment methodologies.

business system setup 

Choose which country and region, setup and automate back office tools, find and engage staff.

conducting business in China

Navigate alibaba marketplace, inital supplier outreach and Chinese communication etiquette.


strategic planning

Manage multiple products, cash flow, simultaneous products, and marketing initatives.

customer service management

Define customer service and engagement channels, tone of voice, and response timeframes.

listing optimisation

Optimise listing through photos, key list points, keywords, reviews and branding.

mastermind groups

Tap into and share the collective knowledge of experienced sellers, in a structured facilitated environment. Ideal for overcoming current business challenges

Intakes every month


Online Mastermind

Second and fourth Tuesday of the month
8am – 10am PDT UTC-7
$US150 / month

Join a small group of like-minded experienced entrepreneurs capped at six members meeting online twice a month. Benefit from global accumulated knowledge, accountability, networking and peer support. 

  • Structured two hour format

  • Facebook accountability group

  • Access from wherever you work

  • Overcome current business challenges

  • Identify new opportunities