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Professional website design

You provide the content, we provide the “website-in-a-box” 

Why choose us?

  • Hosted by rock-solid, professional providers, using high performance hardware

  • Built with premium components

  • Hand-picked themes by professionals, for professionals

  • Mobile responsive site design

  • Full ownership - your site is all yours. No lock-ins


Your domain name

  • Rock solid, professional website hosting 

  • Squarespace or WordPress

  • Premium themes

  • Your website set up and installed with the platform, framework, premium theme and page structure ready for you to paste in your content

  • Complete packages starting from $1,995

  • Squarespace specialist


Website host

Why: The website hosting platform you choose can make or break your ongoing sanity. The hosts we use and recommend are:

Squarespace - Powerful and flexible drag-and-drop website editors, with plenty of templates, and no update or security monitoring for you. Automatic backups

Flywheel - Super fast and flexible. For hosting WordPress sites

Siteground - The cheapest option on this list, and great if you have some WordPress knowledge and want to host more than one site


Why: Use a VPN to secure your privacy in coffee shops and “free” wifi. Choose your VPN carefully, since ALL your internet traffic and passwords will be passed through there. Free VPNs will often take your data without asking.

Two VPN’s that we consider trustworthy, and that have rock-solid privacy policies, are:

ExpressVPN - fast, reliable VPN

Torguard - a solid alternative to ExpressVPN, but not as reliably fast

Task Manager

Why : Together with your calendar, your task manager forms the hub of your client management system. Task manager software tracks daily tasks, client projects and “what is due when”. Get those tasks out of your brain and into your system!

All three suggestions below have both free and paid versions, are web-based, have both Android and iOS apps, and are suitable for teams. They are all best-practice software, and it is merely a case of testing one or two to see which one works best for you.

Asana - A powerful and slightly complex tool for managing multiple projects and teams. Has a Gantt-chart style timeline that works visually for managing key dates.

Recommended for more complex projects.

Trello - Very visual, Trello is based on the kanban card-style of task management. Great for managing workflows with defined steps - for example to-do/doing/done, or creative processes such as draft/review/update/second review/publish. Managing multiple projects tends to be harder to manage, as boards tend to multiply and tasks.

Recommended for visual communicators.

Todoist - Brilliantly simple and perfect for solopreneurs and small teams. All apps work offline, making it very easy to use whenever you are.

Recommended for smaller teams.