Fractional COO

How can a COO benefit you?

A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a key executive in a growing business. A COO can:

  • Understand and organize existing systems, to reduce costs and promote growth
  • Deep dive into your current business operations - including supply chains, sales funnels, onboarding processes and cashflow management - to find opportunities to automate, streamline and scale
  • Translate strategy into process, and institute measurable KPIs
  • Manage and develop team culture and growth
  • Develop hiring and staff management processes
  • Document and standardize your business operations (SOPs)
  • Manage time sensitive and critical business projects
  • Bounce ideas and discuss new strategies

Why fractional?

Executive level leadership is expensive. Hiring a Fractional (part-time) COO allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of a senior executive, without the cost of a full-time hire.

When to hire a fractional COO?

It’s time to consider hiring a fractional COO when you are hitting a plateau. Perhaps you are:

  1. Spending too much time managing your team, instead of moving the needle in your business 
  2. Struggling with too many administrative tasks
  3. Seeking help to plan and expand your team

What now?

If you think it might be the right time to hire a fractional COO but aren’t sure if you ready, let’s discuss it on a free discovery call. I’d be happy to help and see if we can build a strategic roadmap for your business growth! 

Ready to systematize and scale your business?